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Sunday, July 8th 2012

12:23 PM

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Related article: Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 13:57:59 -0800 (PST) From: Frank california preteens gallery Morgan Subject: Classroom AnticsRicky was barely able to concentrate in class as his teacher kept droning on and on and was writing so much on the board. Ricky finally zoned out and started to look around the classroom. Since he sat in the back row, he could see most of the other boys. Ricky liked going to an all-boys school since he wasnÕt into girls anyway. There were a few boys he had crushes on such as Franky, who had a lot more self confidence.Ricky looked over and saw that Franky was bored too. As Ricky watched, Franky stretched out his legs and used his toes to pop off his shoes. All the boys wore uniforms and dress shoes at the school, so it was pretty common for guys to take their shoes off if the teachers werenÕt paying attention. Franky did this a lot and didnÕt care if anyone noticed. angela preteen model FrankyÕs shoes made a noise as they hit the floor and slid a couple of feet away when he kicked them off. Ricky and some of nice lesbian preteen the other boys noticed and began to watch Franky, as they knew what might be coming next.Franky had a reputation in school for doing anything he felt like and not caring who saw him, so many of the boys paid attention when he started to do things like this. Of course they preteen thai girl pretended as if angela preteen model they werenÕt really looking. Ricky was lucky as he had a nice view of Franky from where he was sitting in the back row. As he watched, sure enough a couple naturism preteen gallery of minutes later, Franky began to rub his boner that was tenting his uniform pants. Now several boys were glancing over at Franky, and Ricky realized he also had a hard-on in preteen poorn his pants.Franky had slumped down in his seat, spreading out his legs and rubbing his boner. It was obvious what he was doing, but he didnÕt try to hide it. Ricky began to lightly stroke his erection through his pants too, but he was trying to be more discrete and kept looking around to make sure none of the boys noticed. But they were all either asleep from boredom or watching Franky.Franky now looked like he was in a trance, his eyes glazed over highheeled preteen girls and his mouth slack, as he lost himself in the pleasure of masturbating in class. His hand was working faster and faster as he rubbed his hard cock through his school uniform. Ricky was rubbing himself too preteen lingerie model and noticed other boys doing it as they all stared at Franky. And just then the bell rang for the next class.Franky snapped out of preteens models poland his trance and looked around the room. He grinned when he noticed several boys looking at him. He gathered his books to go to the next class and then stood up, his erection still obviously tenting his pants. He looked for his shoes, finally saw them, picked them up and walked out of class in his socks.Both Ricky and Franky had the same class again in the next period, and this classroom was set up with tables that the boys all sat around. Ricky took his seat and looked up, surprised when he saw Franky sit down at the same table right across from him. Franky tossed his shoes on the floor, sat down, and again stretched out his legs while the other boys all took their seats.Class began and the teacher gave them an assignment to work on. As Ricky worked, he felt something on his feet. He peeked under the desk and saw FrankyÕs socked feet rubbing against his shoes. Ricky looked at Franky, but the boy was busy doing his work. Ricky very quietly slipped his shoes off and slid them under his chair. He stetched out his legs a bit, and this time he felt FrankyÕs socked feet come into contact with his. He looked up to see Franky grinning at him from across the table, so Ricky grinned back at him.The boys continued to play footsie under the table, preteen russian nudity rubbing their socked feet together, and Ricky soon realized he again had a boner. Then Ricky felt something in his lap and looked down to see FrankyÕs foot rubbing his hard-on. Ricky looked at Franky, and the boy grinned at him again. Ricky smiled and slid down in his seat to enjoy the sensation of FrankyÕs socked foot rubbing against him.As he continued to enjoy the feeling of FrankyÕs foot in his lap, Ricky stretched out his own legs until he felt a hand. The next thing he knew, Franky pulled his foot up into his lap. Ricky could feel the bulge through FrankyÕs thin uniform pants. Ricky began to rib his foot against FrankyÕs erection. Franky grinned at him, and Ricky smiled back. The two continued to rub each otherÕs boners under the table.A few minutes later, Franky pushed RickyÕs foot aside, then a minute later pulled it back into his lap. Ricky realized his socked foot was touching the skin of FrankyÕs hard cock, and he realized that Franky had unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. Ricky flexed his toes and used them to squeeze FrankyÕs cock harder as the boy closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Rick reached down and unzipped his pants so that preteen lingerie model Franky could slide his socked foot into his uniform pants and rub RickyÕs dick through his briefs.The boys continued to rub each otherÕs boners under the table using their feet. Then Ricky was shocked when Franky raised his hand to ask the teacher a question. The teacher came over and talked to Franky about the assignment. Ricky tried to pull his foot preteen femdom away, but Franky had one hand under the table and held onto his foot so he couldnÕt move it. The teacher chatted with Franky, and the man had no idea that RickyÕs foot was busy in the boyÕs lap under the table. Ricky could hardly believe that he was massaging FrankyÕs boner right in front of the teacher, and he had no idea! Ricky kept rubbing FrankyÕs dick using his socked foot right in front of the teacher as the two chatted.At one point Franky got an odd look on his face, and the teacher even asked if anything was wrong. As Franky shook his head no, Ricky could feel his sock getting wet as Franky was cumming. Feeling that made Ricky cum too, and he could feel sperm pumping into his underpants and soaking through to FrankyÕs sock.Just then the bell rang, and Ricky slid his wet sock back into his shoe. He liked knowing that he would be walking around with FrankyÕs cum all over his sock and in his shoe. Franky gave Ricky one more grin, then walked out of the classroom in his socks and carrying his shoes. Ricky noticed that he hadnÕt bothered to zip preteens models poland up, and his pants were wide open for any boys who wanted a peek inside.The next day Ricky was spending his study period in the library when he noticed Franky in the bookstacks. Franky was motioning to Ricky to join him, so he got up and walked over. Franky grabbed Ricky and pulled him behind the shelves, then kissed him. This was the first time Ricky had kissed another boy, and it felt so good he immediate got a boner.Franky kicked off his school shoes and used his socked feet to push off RickyÕs shoes. Ricky lifted his feet up to let him do it, and both boys were standing in their socks. The next thing Ricky knew, Franky was undoing his pants. Ricky tried to stop him, but Franky pushed his hands away and continued until RickyÕs pants opened up and fell to his ankles. Franky dropped his own, and both boys stepped out of their pants. Ricky couldnÕt believe he was in the school library in his underwear.Franky gently pulled Ricky bbs preteen magazine to the carpeted floor where the two kissed. Franky began humping Ricky, rubbing their cocks together through their briefs. Then Ricky felt his underpants sliding down as Franky pulled on them. Then he could feel that they were skin to skin, and he knew that Franky had taken off his underwear too.When Franky pulled away, Ricky thought for a minute it was over, but then he experienced a spasm of pleasure when he felt FrankyÕs mouth on his hard dick. Ricky had never had a boy suck on his boner before, and it felt great! Ricky laid back and closed his eyes, enjoying his first blowjob. When he heard a noise he opened his eyes, and that is when he realized there was a boy watching them. The boy bbs preteen magazine was standing on the other side of the bookshelves peeking through. From his slack-jawed expression and the way his arm was moving, Ricky knew the boy was masturbating. Ricky closed his eyes again and enjoyed having FrankyÕs mouth sliding up and down his cock.Ricky couldnÕt stop himself from groaning a little when he felt his orgasm building up. He knew he was about to cum but was trying to stop it. He didnÕt want Franky getting sperm in his mouth. Then Ricky could no longer control himself and he let out a grunt as he began to spew cum. Franky kept sucking his dick, drinking in all the sperm. After he had cum, Ricky lay on the floor panting. It has been the most incredible feeling of his life. Then the bell rang for the next class, and RickyÕs eyes shot open. Both boys quickly grabbed their pants and put them back on. Ricky looked over and saw that Franky still has a boner in his briefs, and he felt bad that he didnÕt have time to get off too. But Franky slid his feet into his shoes, gave Ricky a smile and a kiss, and ran out of the library, his pants still unzipped.Later that same day, Ricky and Franky had class together in the room where they sat at tables. The teacher gave them another assignment to work on, and when he wasnÕt paying attention, Ricky knew he would have his chance to pay Franky back. When the teacher turned his back, Ricky slid underneath the table. Of course the other boys would know what was going on, but Ricky didnÕt care anymore and he knew Franky didnÕt care what other boys thought.Underneath the table Ricky pulled off FrankyÕs shoes. He saw that Franky already had his pants undone, so Ricky just pulled them off. Finally he pulled off FrankyÕs underwear and tossed them on the floor, but he noticed one of the other boys picking them up. In fact he noticed that a preteen russian nudity couple of boys at the table were watching what was going on and rubbing their own boners.Ricky took FrankyÕs cock into his mouth. Now it was his first time to taste another boyÕs dick. A little pre-cum spurted out, and Ricky licked up the salty liquid. His head was bobbing up and down in FrankyÕs lap, and Franky used preteen pass his hands to gently stroke RickyÕs hair.Now most of the boys sitting at the same table kicked off their shoes and were rubbing their socked feet on Ricky. He felt socked feet rubbing his back, his chest, his legs, and even his boner. As the boys rubbed their feet on him, many while they masturbated, Ricky continued to suck Franky's hard cock under the table. Ricky reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. Soon he felt boy's feet rubbing his boner.Just then Ricky heard the teacher ask Franky a question. Franky began to answer, but Ricky didn't stop sucking his dick. His head continued to bob up and down in Franky's lap as he struggled to answer the teacher's question. Meanwhile the boys at the table who knew what was happening were all giggling and still jacking themselves.As Frank finished answering for the foot model preteen teacher, his voice cracked and the boys laughed. It was just at that moment that Ricky tasted his first load of cum from another boy as Franky filled his mouth with creamy stuff. At the same time all of the boys socked feet on his cock made Ricky cum too, and he spewed his load all over the floor under the table, some of it landing on some boys' socks.Ricky managed to get back into his seat before the teacher realized he was gone, then the bell rang and preteen femdom all of the boys got up to head to their next class. A few boys giggled as they watched Ricky walk out of his class, as he had forgot to zip up his zipper and was walking out of class with his dick still dripping cum.More to cum ... if anyone is interested!
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Sunday, July 8th 2012

12:00 AM

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